SRS Gurmat Camp 2017

Gurmat School Camp 2017

SRS Gurmat School Camp will be held from July 24 till July 28. Click here to download the registration form. Please submit completed forms in Gurmat School Office before July 16th, along with the fee to register for the camp.
Ages: 5 – 15 years
Fee: $60 each applicant
Theme: Chaar Sahibzade
Activities: Sikh History, Gurmat Sikhya, Gatka, Kirtan, Paath, Sports and Sewa Project
Contact Info:
Registration: Amardev Singh (708) 612-7963 Email:
Camp Facilitator: Sahibnoor Kaur (224) 235-0889, Shikha Kaur (224) 456-8442 Camp Director: Maneshwar Singh (224)723-4581