Mool Nanakshahi Calendar Implementation Conference

Please join us for a two day conference at Palatine Gurdwara on the implementation of Mool Nanakshahi Calendar, the official Sikh calendar. The focus will be to preserve the unique Sikh heritage and prepare the Panth for the next millennial. There will be expert speakers on the topic to help explain the history and importance of the Mool Nanakshahi Calendar.
S. Pal Singh Purewal, Dr. Sukhpreet S. Udhoke, Prof. Niranjan S. Dhesi, S. Sarabjit Singh (Sacramento), S. Surinder Singh (Talking Punjab), Bibi Jasbir Kaur (Ohio) will be speaking during this conference.

Saturday November 11 (Main Event) and Sunday November 12, 2017​
10:00 am – 5:00 pm