Book Review Guidelines


  1. To encourage Sangat to read and share inspiration, insight, and critique in writing.
  2. Encourage critical thinking and expression.
All age groups are encouraged to submit a review and the library staff reserve the right to accept the review and post on its website or any other published material. Book reviews must be related to Sikhi: spirituality, heritage, history, literature and politics. Reviews should not exceed 800, can be in English or Gurmukhi and a MS Word document.


When reviewing a book, you may want to answer some of the following questions:
  1. What is the book’s main argument?
  2. Who seems to be the intended audience for the book?
  3. How is the book structured?
  4. Does the structure of the book (its various parts and chapters) reinforce its larger argument? How?
  5. What kinds of sources, or examples, does the book offer in support of its argument, and which are most (and least) effective? Why?
  6. Does the book engage other writers’ works on the same subject and, even if not, how would you position the book in relation to other texts you are aware of on the same subject (texts you have read for class, for example)?
  7. Does the author seem biased or prejudiced in any way and, if so, is that prejudice or bias the product of the author’s own background, as far as you can tell?
  8. How persuasive is the book (if certain aspects are more persuasive than others, explain why?)
To submit a book review, please contact