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Membership 2017

Our annual membership for the year 2017-18 started on January 1st, 2017 and we urge everyone to grab an application form and submit it with dues. You are urged to become members before April 2, 2017 by 4:00 PM. Only these members would be eligible to vote in any elections or referendums.
Click here to download and print the membership form. Please submit your membership at your earliest at our SRS office or in case of renewal, mail it to Gurdwara address.

Annual General Body Meeting 2016

As mandated by the Constitution of the Sikh Religious Society and Illinois State N.P. Corporation rules we have scheduled our Annual General Body Meeting on Sunday October 23, 2016 at 11.00 AM (CST) at 1280, Winnetka Street, Palatine, Illinois. The Agenda for the meeting shall be as under:
a. Brief Prayer to Waheguru for His blessings.
b. SRS President’s welcome to all, presentation of annual report and comments and establish code of conduct and appoint presiding officer or moderator for this meeting.
c. Executive Secretary – recap of our major accomplishments and updating our works in progress and the targeted completion dates.
d. Treasurers Report outlining our financial conditions and projected financial needs.
e. Religious Secretary’s report outlining the past and the future Special events and daily and weekly programs.
f. Langar incharge (trustee’s) Report
g. Karseva Activities, accomplishments and current projects.
h. Gurmat School Principal’s Report
i. Brief report from C.I.C.
j. Library, Seniors, I.T. Core Services Group, brief reports.
k. Brief reports from other Advisory Committees.
l. Comments and suggestions and recommendations from Sangat for improving our current and future Palatine Gurdwara programs.

K. J. S. Mehta
Executive Secretary,
Sikh Religious Society Palatine Gurdwara
Revised and corrected 09/22/2016 3.00 PM