Reading Groups


  1. To discover the rich Sikh Heritage that the Ten Gurus have bestowed upon us.
  2. To encourage others to participate in dialogue and discussion in a meaningful, thoughtful and respectful manner and truly enjoy each other’s Sangat and learn from each other.
  3. To share our learning with the larger Gurdwara Sangat.
  4. To relish solving, producing and creating collectively.

Reading Groups:

  1. Exploring Gurbani – essentially the brilliance of our Gurus and their depth and vision into the nature, relationships of mankind, the natural world and this universe. Discovering as a group the rich metaphors, nature, familial relationships, languages, raags, grammar etc.)
  2. Sikh Story (History)
  3. Sikh Literature
  4. Gurmukhi/Punjabi Reading – for those who know the Paintti and would like to get better at reading.

The group members decide on the frequency of the meetings and time.

To join one of the above groups or get involved in organizing/leading a group, please contact